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Do you interact with the World?


Cultural Knowledge and Resource Centre (CKRC) is an integral part of 

Kilece. CKRC objective is to get you better prepared for the 

Go Abroad experience in whatever capacity you interact with the overseas 


As a knowledge centre, we provide applicable cultural insights specific to the 

foreign country or community that your work/project is focused on. Since 

language does provide a window into a community’s culture, the Go Abroad cultural preparation does include basic language skills relevant to that culture.


The value of cultural orientation and preparation is:

  • It offers you the ability to interact with cultural competence and sensitivity

  • Understanding of your host community point of view, ways of life and 

underlying historical experiences that have shaped the present state of 


  • It earns you respect and warm reception in the host community. This 

increases your effectiveness and influence while advancing your project 



At CKRC, we recognize that the World is a diverse place and we strive to avoid 

generalities in order to successfully introduce you to the culture of the people you will work with.

Go Abroad Exhibition Fair, University of Alberta

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