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Learn Kiswahili in United States of America

Kiswahili Learning Centre (Kilece): New Jersey and New York, USA

You can learn Kiswahili in New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area, USA. Karibu!


New Jersey and New York are states on the Atlantic Coast of United States of America. New York City is a global financial and media hub in United States. We offer beginner Kiswahili, intermediate Kiswahili, and advanced Kiswahili language classes to interested individuals in New York and New Jersey, USA.  Kiswahili classes are available for 6 yr – 17 yr olds and 18+ years(adults) during weekdays and weekends, 8am to 7pm.  Our interactive Kiswahili courses are tailored to have:

  •  small class sizes

  •  daily life themed Kiswahili lessons

  •  speech labs to improve your Kiswahili conversation skills

  •  Kiswahili Culture

  •  Illustrated Kiswahili books from our library to improve your reading skills

Kiswahili Learning Centre New Jersey and

You will also meet other international students that form the global Kiswahili community. This community supports those who are learning Kiswahili in New Jersey, New York, and other parts of United States of America. 

You can also be part of our Kiswahili Community Facebook group. The group is made up of those who already speak Kiswahili or are learning it.


It will be a pleasure to hear from you.


Paul at +1 732 331 6790  or Francis at +1 780 803 6033 

Email: or



 Study Kiswahili with us in New York and New Jersey, USA. 


For course registration, more information is available at

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